Why you might want to join the Association, and how to go about it

Joining the Association is free. If you have interests in narrative, membership will introduce you to a community of like-minded people. The interdisciplinary and transmedial scope of narrative studies means this community is otherwise quite fragmented, and the institutional and disciplinary structures of higher education do not help to bring narrative scholars together. While narrative is of relevance to many people, those for whom it is a focus of inquiry have much to gain from closer connections and a stronger sense of common interest. As a member of the Association, you can participate in – and initiate – activities that bring together narrative scholars and practitioners, as well as engaging in online discussion about narrative as an object of study, as a topic of research and teaching, and as an important interdiscipline within institutional structures. You can also influence the future of that interdiscipline, and of the Association itself.

To join, just complete the sign-up form below, which provides the details that will appear, after validation, in your entry on the Members page. Then go to the Discussion Forum page and follow the instructions there. We can then send you confirmation of your membership and your discussion forum subscription together.